AK 47

“”Oh blyat'” -Less than fifteen seconds after passing the joint. Only went up from there.” Perfect  services guys, thumbs up !


“Chemdawg is good stuff, I got medicated and I take 20 pills a day and have 5 different doctors. If I was high on this all day I wouldn’t have to even have to waste money and time through insurance companies that are connected to Pharma. It’s amazing to smoke, it helps you clear your head, and it takes away your pain and anxiety/paranoia.” 


“i just got my Pex and Damn !!! Makes me feel like a slab of butter on a big oil pile of flapjacks!”

CocoondapPineapple ExpressUK

“😍😍😍😍 I have recurrent tension headaches and this so far of the all the strains I’ve tried is THE cannabis medicine for it. Very mind expanding, fast acting, creative high that will put you in a good mood instantly. One of my favorite highs so far. Highly recommend! 😍😍😍😍”


“Potent resin covered nugs. Gorrilla glue definitely earns it name. Very good effect to it.”

Budsey7Gorilla Glue #4UK

“This has got to be my favorite strain that I ever smoked. It gets me moving.. I’m not too lazy, I feel happy. I can get things done for sure.. I’m not paranoid AT ALL.. I actually feel NORMAL! Smoking White Widow is like taking a medication for me. It’s the perfect weed. Seriously.”

KillmyloveWhite WidowUSA

“I have no clue where my shoes are…”


service Ganja le plus efficace, essayez mes amis. AK-47 est mon préféré


“Holy shit dude. Heady as fuck with a trickle down body high. I can hear the static in the air. I’m gonna go back to playing Battleborn now. Good ass shit.”

KKMaxwellinWhite WidowUSA

“Unbelievable strain!!! If you’re looking for an original yet EXCITING strain look no further. This bud blew me mind from smell alone. Then I took it home and was only more impressed with all it had to deliver as an AAA sativa. Don’t pass this one up. If grown right, it will make you a very happy ”