We check our services and make updates always to ensure total privacy and security in our transactions.  Legal or illegal in your location, cringe not because we pay for your security.

Take notes when you load our site on your URL bar.
You should notice the GREEN LOCK on the left is turned on to visually inform you that you are in a secured area. That informs you directly that you are secured and your data and transactions with us are private.

We are taking special measures to protect your privacy and prevent information leakage.
For our users safety, we are archiving old orders and wiping sensitive information on a regular basis.
Orders Archiving:
Information provided on an order (even encrypted) are deleted when the order is being archived: the address field (encrypted), the note field, all timestamps, all messages, and the feedback can not further be edited. Orders are archived:
-When they have been finalized for 7 days,
-When order has been awaiting a refund for more than 1 month,
-Neither the vendor nor the buyer has been active for more than 1 month,
-If the order is older than 3 months, regardless of its status.

Accounts deletion:
Everything is deleted (messages, orders, wallets, tickets, AS data, …) and you are completely forgotten for your security:
-If your account is inactive for 60 days (30 days for an account with no order),
-If you request your account deletion in a ticket.
Your accounts can be deleted and banned by admin prior to actions that can lead to a break in our chain of business and others.

Our site and all its affairs are encrypted and paid for. so u can tell us whatever you wish. Share your problems with us and we get solutions together. Any referrals suggested by this site or our online service team are totally safe and are secured too.

About product delivery and assurance, we remind you that we are dealing with products that are illegal and delicate to transport. So having them sent right to your addresses needs your patience.

Payment upon delivery as requested by some clients makes no sense because our team takes all the measures to get you satisfied and all we need our clients to do is to stay closed-up during a deal and FYI that there are cash refunds on orders not received and orders destroyed by transportation or other measures.

Just take the time out of a pessimistic mind and get optimistic like a normal consumer should be. Take the risks and enjoy your quality products from
Ask any questions pertaining to orders you have placed already; questions may take up to 24 hours to get replies depending on the customer queue- Contact Us !!!