Human body is complicated and so the brain. It is not easy to understand different happenings going on inside our body and mind. With the change in today’s lifestyle, it is more probable of having different mood swings. Getting blasted, getting bombed, getting high-all jargons used for the same thing. Is there any solution for this? The answer is yes, with the correct use of Marijuana your mind and body can get relaxed. It also has the power to ease pain.

Marijuana comes in both as medicinal marijuana and commercial (street) marijuana. These are used differently in different requirements. Commercial marijuana can be derived from any number of cannabis strains and they have varying pain relieving, anti inflammatory, relaxing potencies but their potency can’t be guaranteed. On the other hand, medicinal marijuana strains are selected purposely for their potency and effects. They are safely and carefully fertilized, keeping in mind the patients’ health.
You should know that different strains of medical cannabis have distinctive effects on the body and mind. It all depends upon the condition of the patient. Physicians recommend medical cannabis or marijuana for cancer or HIV/AIDS patients, arthritis, asthma etc. It helps to reduce vomiting and chronic pains during chemotherapy, improves appetite in HIV positive patients to list a few.
Take pressure off your mind
Marijuana facilitates to take all the pressure off your mind resulting in complete relax state. Most of the infirmities are from mind than physical, now scientists have been making CBD oil in the treatment of acute spasm chaos including childhood epilepsy. This is a neurological disorder which is associated with sudden recurrent episodes of sensory disturbance and abnormal activity in the brain.
It is also very useful in patients suffering from insomnia. Doctors are recommending use of marijuana to overcome insomnia primarily because it is not forming any habit in the patient. Rather, it is beneficial to those who have become addicted with time and want to get rid of it. Use of cannabis has shown astounding results. Study shows, in double-blind, placebo-controlled, study smokers that make use of a CBD inhaler saw an approximately 40 percent drop in their nicotine intake.

Those suffering from anxiety can get relief by using sativas and marijuana; it has shown results by reducing psychosis and stress. This has proved to be a steady mental setting for the people suffering from schizophrenia and post traumatic stress disorder. Hence, now cannabis is being used to treat the symptoms and side effects of most terrifying ailments. This is not mere opinion but it is a proven fact on the basis of different researches being done.

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